I'm not happy. Not happy at all!For your complaints and frustrations about a dentist or dental clinic that you visited.

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18 Responses to “Complaints”

  • i went to my dentist clinique at bedok interchange.the receptionist is nt helpful when answering my querie.
    i m havin a very bad tooth ache. i gt a wisdom tooth and need to be extract asap.
    however the dental there did nt give me any antibiotics to reduce my pain
    they did nothing to help.
    jus asking me to make next appt for the surgery..and i was here suffering a lot of pain..
    the receptionist even ask me back what she should do.dis is very dissapointed with the staff…

  • Clinic: Clementi Dental
    Purpose: Denture
    Pros: None
    Cons: Doctor cannot make the denture and refund only 80% of full payment. Claimed that it is my mouth issue.
    Paid: $300
    Bottom line: Will never go back there again.

  • zyra: empathise with you but just so you know, antibiotics do absolutely nothing for pain. what you should ask for/ should be given is painkillers. antibiotics kill germs.

  • Worst dentist ever - Dr Cheong at Northpoint Smile Clinic. He is no longer working there now, dunno where he go to, but the root canal he did for me a few years ago was a failure. He did a very poor job. There was re-infection soon after the root canal treatment and he insisted everything was ok.

    Bottomline, go and see an Endodontist specialist if you need RCT. It’s not worth saving a few bucks and seeing a lousy dentist that will screw up (there are plenty of money-faced but cannot make it dentists in Singapore who will “try” to treat you but know they can’t do a good job).

  • I had my first crowning done a few years back at Mandarin Dental Centre @ Bt Merah Central. I think is around 2004. I know is kinda late to be complaining now. But the after effect is still there, cos the dentist A who did my 1st crowning accidently hurt my gum during the process and he is aware cos i remembered he apologize for hurting my gum.

    I thought everything was going to be fine, until the gum pain keeps coming back on and off. Many times I thought I could be too heaty and causes the pain. I went back to check it out by a dentist B, he did x-ray n some cleaning but it doesn’t help.

    Until I went to check on a tooth by another dentist C that was in 2007, I told him about it. He mentioned to me if need to check on that, the 1st crowning will have to be removed. I felt it was a hint to me saying is very troublesome. Seriously that was how I felt at that time. So I leave it at that.

    I had a wisdom tooth extraction and had a second crowning done by dentist C. He was good cause after the whole thing, my gum don hurt at all. So I am very sure is the dentist A which screw up and causing me pain.

    How can I seek compensation ?

  • Went to Pinnacle Tampines as recommended by colleague. After a Long wait, about an hour, even with appointment and not enough of seat area, dentisat asked me which tooth I wanted to have filling for as I did not want to have a root canal treatment for 2 of my teeth. She seemed to be in a hurry since it was past 12pm. I felt that it was done in a rush, as if the hole is just a small matter. Dun think I would want to go back there again.

  • Hi.I was told by my new dentist that my root canal over my upper right tooth was not done properly. First,from the X-ray,it showed a bad job as there r still black patches. Secondly, the size of the post as compared to another tooth (which I have done in another clinic) is smaller. Thirdly,as the size of the post is smaller,it could not support the crown well and now it is crooked. Therefore,I definetly need to redo the root canal. However,to my utter disappointment,this tooth needs to be extracted as the post is crooked and an episectomy cant help to solve this problem.Now,I have to pay around 3.8K to do an implant for this root canal failure!This root canal was done around 3 to 4 years ago. I would like to know if I can claim any damage caused by this irresponsible dentist. He has failed to do his duty and now I have to pay some much to get an implant done.Pls advice on how can I seek compensation on this dentist. thank!

  • I went to Q&M located at Sembawang MRT two years ago. I went there to extract a tooth which had chipped off badly (almost half the tooth gone). The dentist refused to extract and wanted me to do a RCT or a implant. In the end I had to fork out $200 for 3 fillings on other teeth and nothing else. Swear never to go back again. FYI, I went to another dental clinic and had the tooth extracted for $60.

  • Clinic: A dental clinic in Tanglin Shopping Centre
    Went for my routine polishing and scaling and ended up with a final bill that came up close to $5000!
    Reason: WITHOUT seeking for my approval, my dentist went to perform ‘cosmetic surgery’ that requires filling of my tooth to make it level. I remembered he filled 3-4 times for 2 teeth using a simple file and held a mirror in front of me to show the ‘pretty work’ he had done. I gussed my jaws dropped after seeing the final bill!

  • I had my teeth whitening bleachin less than 2 weeks ago, seeing this Smile Division @ blk 809 Hougang Central having promotion package ($699 nett inclusive of consultation, scaling & polishing, bleaching. actually d advert in d front glass of clinic stated also include take-home whitening care but when u stepped in, they said tat package does not include the take-home care already)
    on the day bleaching itself, though color of my teeth was not totally white but nevertheless could see the whiteness overall (dentist said some part is due to root is yellow so cannot be white). however, next day onwards, i noticed the color started to go back to my original color. I went back to the clinic on the 3rd day, the dentist claimed my teeth is aldy a few tones better than my previous. But i look into the mirror everyday, feeling the shade has only perhaps one tone lighter, still yellowish. Arn’t teeth whitening suppose to be white? I dun expect to be pearly white, but at least not to see the yellow tone still there right? I heard ppl who got very yellow teeth from smoking, they got good results of white teeth after bleachin but why not mine? my teeth started to get yellow from coffee/tea drinking earlier on.

    Feel like being cheated. Pls advise what can i do?

  • This happened several years back but the incident is still very traumatizing until now. I want to let you people know that there are irresponsible dentists around! Anyway I have no idea why didn’t I complain against her then.

    Went to a dental clinic at Elias Mall (2nd Level). Was attended by this female dentist. She was not friendly and just got to do the scaling without even checking if I was okay.

    Her nurse came in and asked her some stuff, she turned to her nurse WITH her tool(not sure what’s the name for it - meant to remove plaque or something) STILL in my mouth (and it’s still moving!).

    That thing poked literally into my gum throughout the time she was talking. I made a small squeal and teared. After talking, she just turned around and continued!

    After that painful ordeal, I left with my t-shirt stained with blood that spurted out while doing the scaling. I didn’t realised that until I got home (it was just across the street)

    First and the LAST visit.

  • in January this year, I did crowning for 2 teeth at The Smile Division Dental surgeons @ Orchard. It now leaves me a pain in my heart. Such irresponsible , unethical dentist do exist in Singapore. I already realised that Dentist A rushes through patients when he brushed off my teeth pain problem to needing a root canal treatment immediately. I went for the root canal treatment as recommended by him and came back to him for crowning. On the crowning day, the crown cracked as he cannot fit into my teeth. so he said, come back another day, and we glued back the temporary crown. when I did the final crowning, it hurts the gum and I dont feel natural about the “new” teeth. of course he brushed it off ,saying time will heal.
    Now 10months later, with food traps between the teeth, and multiple flossing daily, I seek second dentist opinion, and found out the crown does not fit well into the gum, has gaps between and food will get trap and decay my teeth in time to come. Now I have to re-do the crown, pay even more for crown removal.

    Is it that difficult for dentist to do a proper crowning ? How can we allow such a dentist to exist in this world when all he does is to rush off the patients and get more money into his pocket? He never listens properly , rushs through patients, never explain properly, always squeeze the appointments so tightly it’s always long waits per visit. We patients put our trust into his hands only to be destroyed by him. And this dentist even has so much media attention , posted also on the dentist web. person with no conscience.

  • I would like to thank Dr Oh from AllSmiles Dental Care, located at Jurong West Ave 1. Me and my family members have been visiting Dr Oh for dental treatment. This clinic never fail me before as the dentist and staff nurse are being so patience, helpful and friendly. Which I personally find their values in serving their customers are hard to find in Singapore nowadays.

    Recently I had bad toothache and understand that Dr Oh appt were fully booked and I’ve to make appointment and wait if I need to see him. But I reali in pain and called the clinic told them abt my condition, without hesitation, Dr Oh is willing to treat me despite his busy schedule. Initially I insisted the pain was came from upper tooth but he is very skillful and able to identify the root caused was from my lower tooth. Finally he did a root canal for me.

    Really want to applaud for his good job and one thing I really appreciate is Dr Oh and his staff nurse are willing to go extra mile to help people. (you will understand if you really experience this).

    I wish to share my good experiences with more people so everyone could enjoy the good treatment, and of course with reasonable price if they visit AllSmiles Dental Care.

    AllSmiles is really making everyone Smile! Cheers ^.*

  • Are ALL the equipment used by the dental clinic required by law to be sterilized between patients?

    I visited a dentist at Novena shopping centre and asked if the equipment was sterile. She paused and said, we wipe down everything. I don’t feel very assured.

  • I went to the I-Smile Dental Clinic at Telok Blangah Heights.

    Previously, was mentioned I have a pin-hole decay in my last molar when doing scaling n polishing. So they advised me to revisit them for filling.

    When I return for filling, they said they need check if the decay has went all the way through to the nerve. I never had any problems eating or suffered any pain before. So I let them check. Who would know checking means grinding always half of my molar, and they told me the nerve was exposed, need to do root canal.. which cost about $2K+.

    Since I never felt any problems with my last molar at all, I ask them to fill up the gap, not wanting to go into RCT when I did not have any problems before.

    I was so wrong, after visiting I-Smile, I have bad tootache in whatever I eat, drink, even when I smile… end up seeing another dentist, and he told me I-Smile dentist actually exposed my nerve and left it for infections…


  • I brought my daughter 5 years old to Wisma Pan Dentist, was given an appointment with Dr Lee on 4th Feb 2010. After a month,the filling came out. Each filling cost $120 per teeth and i was assure that it can last for at least 2 years. I felt so cheated.

  • AMK Central Dental Surgery

    Just called the clinic to make appointment, was told that if i am only gog for consultation, i have to know exactly which tooth is giving me the pain otherwise the dentist cannot check. The other option is go for a full cleaning & check up.

    i feel they r just trying to sell me their package more than attending to my needs.

    As their loyal patient for the last 5 years, i feel very disappointed with these kind of sub-standard reply.

    The dentist is the specialist not me, if i know what exactly is my problem, why does the dentist need to go overseas to study for ?

    So Dr Lim, may i know is this how u all do business ???

  • The worst dentist I ever met! The worst experience I ever had!

    Doctor name: Dr.Elizabhet G Mohabat

    Clinic name: Star Dental Surgery
    • 30 Robinson Road
    #03-03 Robinson Tower
    Singapore (048546)
    I made a very simple front teeth bonding in this clinic. After two weeks both teeth cracked. I asked the doctor to redo the job. She redid, but the result was very poor again.
    1) The shape is not symmetrical 2) The color is not matching 3) There are cracks and catches everywhere, so the food stick between my teeth 4) The teeth are not polished well, so the food stick to the surface of the teeth when I eat (!) 5) She left the bur marks on the inner side of my teeth, so it feels very rough and irritates me 6) Now the teeth became sensitive on one side
    However she insisted that her job is perfect and she was not going to do anything for me anymore.

    I decided to complain to SDA and to ask for the refund. In the meantime I went to the third doctor and got a report on the poor work. The Dr. Mohabat sent me a letter in which she was insisting that the job is not hers and that I went abroad and had the job done at the other foreign dentist to take advantage of her, so she was going to suit me for a slander. She was trying to make people believe that I am a hysteric fraud.

    After 3 month of mail exchange with SDA (they have never met me in person) they told me that the damage I got is not a gross negligence so they cannot help me. Yes, I did not lose my jaw and I am still alive. But I went to the doctor to get better teeth and instead I got my teeth damaged (even if it is not a gross damage). When one buys a defective good, he would go back to the shop and get the new stud or a refund. I do not understand why it does not apply in dentistry. Is a dentistry a kind of lottery? I have never felt as offended and frustrated as after this case.

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