Why wear retainers after braces?

dental-retainer-my-singapore-dentist-orthodontic-bracesOur body changes as we grow, teeth are no different. The teeth that are straightened after 2 years of braces orthodontic treatment have a “memory” and want to go back to it’s original position.

Reason? Teeth are supported by periodontal ligaments with elastic fibers, these fibers may undergo change especially right after you take out your braces. During the 1st month of taking them out, the risk of relapse is extremely high. So listen to your orthodontist and wear your retainers.

Retainers are designed to be the exact replica of your teeth’s position right after you take out your braces. That’s how you keep perfect smile “frozen” in time.

“Retain your retainers”

How long you need to wear the retainers depends on what’s your original condition before putting on your braces. Eg. gaps, rotated teeth, can take more that 1 year to stabilize.

Most of the time, you wear retainers for the same time frame or more that you’ve worn braces. Adults can wear braces their whole life at night as it take almost no effort and keeps your teeth at a standstill, not to mention giving youself a peace of mind.

Post braces treatment is about discipline and motivation to wear your retainers. If you need help, discipline comes from the motivation NEVER to pay the orthodontist $$$$, ulcers & discomfort for the rest of your life.

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3 Responses to “Why wear retainers after braces?”

  • Haha! That’s true! I’ll be motivated to wear them now knowing i might have to wear braces all over again!

  • I have been told by my dentist that if I put on braces, after which I remove the braces, I may need to put on retainer every night “FOREVER”… Reason being, the gaps between my teeth are pretty wide apart and that some teeth have to be rotated.

    He showed me the retainer that I gonna be using and it’s not those normal metal retainer, it is “Invisalign”… He explained to me that Invisalign holds teeth better…

    I have some concerns here:

    1) If I were to wear retainer (Invisalign) forever, how often do I need to change my invisalign? And roughly how much does each cost?

    2) What if the clinic I go close down? Will I be able to get other dentist to do the retainer for me?

    Please help help me… pretty confused now.. :(

  • my clinic closed down. and mommy accidentally threw away my retainers.. now im in @$#!~ of searching new clinic that makes retainer less den $300!

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