Wisdom tooth Excision (Surgery)

If you’ve got an impacted wisdom tooth, you’re the majority of the population. Though doctors don’t really know why we’ve got this problem, some speculate that our jaw bones has “evolved”, becoming smaller and thus not being able to fit our last wisdom tooth.

Whatever the reason, the tooth fairy doesn’t magically take it away. Unless you’re talking about a dental surgeon that’s wearing a costume. That’s just strange.

Using an X ray, the dentist would be able to see the condition of your wisdom tooth. As seen below, the bottom 2 wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning “jammed” against your last molar (Proper dental defination: a tooth so confined in its socket as to be incapable of normal eruption).

Zoomed view of one side

The only way to take out these impacted wisdom teeth is to go for a wisdom tooth surgery. This is usually done by a Specialist Oral Surgeon but can also be performed by a G.P.(General Practitioner).

Below are some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to Wisdom tooth surgery.

Q:How much would wisdom tooth surgery cost?
A: It would cost around SGD$800 (see also Ministry of Health’s average cost for institutions) Q: What are wisdom teeth? A: Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt at the back of the mouth between the ages of 17 to 25, or even later. Q: Why are impacted wisdom teeth a problem? A: A tooth becomes impacted as a result of a lack of space in one’s jaw. If left in place, the molar tooth next to wisdom tooth will trap foods in between and end up will cause decay, leading to pain of the soft tissue around. Or it can cause infection leading to bone resorption/ loss. Q: Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed if they have not given any trouble? A: Food particles and bacteria that are collected around an impacted wisdom tooth and can cause tooth decay, usually leading to pain and infection.

Q: How are wisdom teeth removed?
A: There are two options available: ? Local Anaesthesia, whereby injections are given to numb your mouth ? General Anaesthesia, whereby an anaesthetist administers a full (general) anaesthetic, so that you are completely ’sleeping’ throughout the procedure After the anaesthesia, the clinician extracts it out if the tooth is visible. If not, the clinician does an excision (cut) to expose to tooth and then taking it out.

Q: Can I brush my teeth after the surgery?
A: Yes you can, but you should brush carefully to avoid the surgical areas for the first day or so.

Q: Can I use Medisave for wisdom tooth excision?
A: You can use Medisave for the whole or part of the surgical fees depending on the complexity of the case. Under local anaesthesia, you can claim $800 per tooth. Under general anaesthesia, you can claim up to $1600.

Q: What is the total duration of the procedure?
A: The entire procedure will take approximately 60 minutes.

Q: If I do an excision of my wisdom tooth, how many days MC will I get?
A: 5 days

Q: What is the break down of the fees if I go under general anaesthesia?
A: Fees breakdown would be as follow (for 4 teeth):

Dental Surgeon’s fees:$2200 - $2500

Anaesthetist fees:$600

Day surgery (Private)/ Hospital fees: $700/ $1700

Total:$3500 - $4800

Q: What are the risks involved in removing wisdom teeth?
A: As in all surgery, there are always potential risks like bleeding, swelling and infection.
Especially with the lower wisdom teeth, the risk of nerve damage is present and is generally accepted that in 10-12% of patients, there will be numbness or altered sensation for the next few days.

And in approximately 1% of patients, numbness may be present for some weeks but very rarely is this permanent.

Another risk would involve damaging other neighbouring teeth.

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22 Responses to “Wisdom tooth Excision (Surgery)”

  • how much do i haf to pay to extract my wisdom tooth.its killing me.can i pay it through my medisave?can i use my parents medisave to top up any in sufficient fund?

  • Hi Anash,

    Wisdom teeth can be a real pain, especially those that are impacted. They continue to silently grow sideways, pushing against your last molar, causing food to get stuck in places toothbrushes were not meant to go..

    Then suddenly out of no where, the pain hits and is unbearable! I had mine taken out too.

    As for rates, depending if you’re getting a Specialist Oral Surgeon to do the operation; it can range from $800-$1500 just for the surgery. If the operation is done by a G.P.(General Practitioner) it could range from $600-$900.

    Fees are also determined by your situation. If your wisdom tooth is lying very near the nerve or is impacted deep, the dentist could charge more for such complicated cases.

    For those that are not contributing to CPF/Medisave (i.e. not working or for some reasons we won’t mention just not contributing), you are able to use your parent’s, spouse’s, children’s Medisave accounts to cover a portion of your surgery fees.

    Update:[only immediate family is allowed: parents, children, spouse, grandparents(if PR), Medisave does not regard siblings, brother or sister, as immediate... strange]

    And if you are contributing and want to do a partial payment, e.g. 30% from your Medisave account and the other 70% from your parent’s, it too is possible.

    In general, for impacted wisdom teeth, the surgery coverage by Medisave is $800 + $300 for X-Rays, consultation & medication (Max of $1100).

    If you’re thinking of using Medisave, make sure you go to a Medisave approved clinic.

    All the best Anash for your surgery!

  • hi, i would like to check for those clinic which is Medisave approved, are we able to pay immediately via Medisave or do we have to pay cash upfront 1st?

  • Good question Vivi and thanks for asking.

    CPF gives ‘Medisave approved clinics’ the liberty to structure their claims, i.e. patient pay full upfront or pay a deposit while the claim is processing.

    Most dental clinics would ask you to pay a small deposit or the full amount that they know is NOT claimable by Medisave. Some items not claimable are consultations exceeding $30, extractions, facility fees etc.

    You will fill up a Medisave Authorization Form which the dental clinic would submit on your behalf. Once the claim has been approved, you’ll receive a letter from CPF board that $XXX has been deducted from your Medisave account. So if the deposit is not adequate, you’ll pay the remainder amount on your next visit.

    So ask the clinic which kind of payment method they subscribe to.

  • 2 weeks ago I had my lower wisdom tooth A extracted. I also plan to have my other lower wisdom tooth B extracted.
    Is it ok to remove now the other lower wisdom tooth B even though my pevious lower wisdom tooth A that was extracted, the gum is still open?
    I need to use this side for eating ( lower wisdom tooth A, gum is still open ) once I decided the lower wisdom tooth B to be extracted.
    I just worry some food will go inside this opened gum.

  • Hi, for painkillers after wisdom teeth extraction, is it okie to take it before meals?

  • Claudia, what did the doctor say? Actually before and after meals is just because it might cause a tummy upset. Nothing serious about it one la, according to my friend.

  • Gary, some dentists recommend taking all 4 out at a go, while others say taking one side (2 wisdom teeth) at a time is better for reasons of eating convenience. So even if the gum is still open, taking out the other side usually does not have any consequence to the previously taken out wisdom tooth site.

    As for food getting stuck, it’s common. All you need to do is the make sure you rinse thoroughly after meals. It takes a few weeks for the gums to completely close, so hang in there! It’ll be healed and closed before you can say “I think there is food stuck again” :)

  • My nearby area all dental are fully booked. Not available til July. Now I’m having wisdom toothach problem, its hurt me, caused me 2night never sleep. Directly injured my nerve caused my brain and ears extremely painful, cried. I wan to surrender liao. Why tis world got wisdom tooth.

    Need advices, where to get a reasonable price for wisdom tooth extraction?

  • Hi

    I just got my lower wisdom tooth remove a week ago, i still feel the pain around the wound area, it is like having an ulcer kind of pain, is it normal?
    Also, I’m having bearable pain around my neighbouring teeth(the 1st 2 teeth after my wisdom tooth). Is this normal too? how long will the pain last ?

  • PLEASE HELP ME!! I have COMPLETELY impacted SIDEWAYS bottom wisdom teeth. Like these pictured, but growing in COMPLETELY sideways, and whats WORSE is the ROOTS grow all the way down into my jaw. See, at least these pictured, the roots dont grow that deep. Mine are completely deep into my jaw. If I have medicaid- will they cover this? My left one has already cut through and doesnt hurt, but my RIGHT is still under my gums and is currently CUTTING through and I feel like I would rather be DEAD thats how bad it hurts.
    PLEASE give me ANY advice you have!

  • Dear Jessica,

    It sounds very “duh” but you need to visit a dentist ASAP!

    Nothing anyone can advice will ease your situation.

  • Dearest MN,

    some people experience slight pain due to the surgery, but that should be supressed by painkillers.

    But the safest thing to do to ease your mind, is to go back to the dentist and have it checked. Even though the appointment are full, they would be obliged to see you due to your pain from a surgery done by them.

  • which dentist offer painless extraction of lower wisdom tooth? i intend a get a very skillful oral specialist surgeon as i really have dental phobia.
    Will i be TOTALLY “knock-out” if i used a general anestactic and don feel a thing and how long later can i wake up?

    The pain is killing me slowly everyday.

  • I had a wisdom tooth surgery done 2 years ago and i do remember that the dentist told me that the surgery could be claimed using medisave but i need to make full payment upfront first. then on, i forgot about the incident and only recall about it recently.

    Now, the dentist is saying the claim is not possible because the removal did not fulfill medisave requirements. The dentist says that there must have either been removal of bones or the tooth cracked into pieces during removal, then it is claimable.

    However, mine removal was a smooth one where he only cut part of my gum and the tooth was removed in one piece.

    Could someone help to verify his claim?


  • My dad has diabetes and his blood sugar control is very bad. Do you think it’s advisable for him to extract his wisdom tooth?Will there be any complication and is there a need for him to inform the dentist of his underlying medical condition?

  • I think have a slightly stranger wisdom tooth growth over most others. I have 8 teeth altogether, 2 in every corner of my jaws. I have never experienced any pain from them.

    I had 2 inner most teeth from the lower jaw extracted during national service. On my left side of the lower jaw, the neighbor wisdom tooth has decayed and was advised to go for filling which I neglected to do so. That was almost 2 years ago.

    It has just recently chipped quite a chunk and it felt brittle. Examination of the remaining wisdom tooth seems to indicate that there’s a very dark looking patch (presumably plague). I still don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

    Could you advise any possibilities as to what my wisdom tooth is suffering from?

  • I had my right set of wisdom teeth extracted at NUH a couple of years back. The dentist did the lower tooth before he worked on the upper tooth. However, when he started on the upper tooth (which is embedded and needed excision), the moment he cut my gum i realised that the anesthesia had worn out! I could feel the whole procedure, not just the movement; it was downright painful, as if there was no anesthesia. following which i was wailing and screaming throughout the whole process. it was so painful i cried until the green cloth covering my face had two big wet patches.
    My left set of wisdom teeth are starting to bother me now, the top tooth is still embedded. I think I would have to go for the extraction soon, however after the past traumatic experience I skeptical of “pain-free” surgery, I don’t think there is such a thing.
    Any dentists u would recommend for wisdom tooth extraction? =)

  • Hi ade_princess

    I dont know whether my reply is abit too late now… hopefully not.. Recently, on 13 Jan 2010, I had both my right side wisdom tooth extraction. The whole procedure no pain at all except initially when the dentist injected the anesthsia (but it is only like ant bite).

    His clinic name is Ho Kee Hai & Partners and is on the #13-10/11/12 Paragon Medical Centre. Tel : 6235-7498.

    My extractions were done by Prof Ho himself. He is a wonderful dentist which i highly recommend.

  • Hi Veron

    Were your tooth impacted? I am planning to remove my completely horizontally impact tooth in two days time. I am getting a specialist to do it under intravenous sedation. Like Ade-Princess case, I am afraid that I will not be numb by LA… feeling rather sick with fear now.

  • Hi there

    i read so many cases of pple who are afraid of the pain while undergoing wisdom tooth surgery. I had mine removed towards the end of 2009 and i can say that i have a very good experience with the clinic. Mine was an impacted wisdom tooth which had decay and was hurting really bad. There are good points to note while visiting my dentist;

    1)some people are afraid of the anaesthesia even before the surgery even happen. As for me, i couldnt even feel an ant-bite. My dentist asked me to gargle my mouth afterwhich he cleansed mg mouth with a swab (those giant cottonbud-type thing)– by then i couldnt feel anything in my mouth and the dentist was nice enough to ask me whether im feeling anything before finally injecting the anaesthesia (which looked like a huge metal syringe-scary at first) but im surprised when i felt no pain.

    2)throughout the surgery, the dentist had me put on earphones and listen to music to distract me. You can even bring your own gadget and have them on fullblast while the dentist is doing his work (cos all the drilling sound is honestly not pretty at all-u dun hve to hear all that). I can only feel a bit of tuggibg and pulling of cos, but seriously no pain at all, i swear.

    3)everythings included in the whole medisave payment. Doc’s consultation, meds, xray, everything and even when i go back to the dentist’s to remove the stitch no payment whatsoever. I dont need to pay a single cent which is a relief cos dental services so ex in sg. Total deducted from my Hub’s medisave is $900 for my one tooth which for me is definitely worth it. I would def go back for other extractions done but filling services quite ex.

    The clinic im referring to is Sunshine Smile Dental Implant Centre Pte Ltd, located at Woodlands Civic Centre on Level 3. Can call them at 6365 4398 to enquire. Customer service very efficient too and helpful and friendly. Definitely thumbs up and highly recommended!

  • Hi Veron,

    I’m CRIPPLED by my fear of tooth extraction. Ive a wisdom tooth on the end of my lower left side - it’s not impacted, just like a normal tooth.

    So, the extraction done by Prof HO is really 100% PAINLESS? I’m very troubled by this :(

    And what’s the cost for a wisdom tooth extraction from Prof Ho?

    Appreciate your help :)

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