Mini implants (dental)

Q: How much would mini implants cost?
A:Mini Implant would cost around SGD$2500

Q: What is the difference between implant and mini implant?
A: Mini Implant is usually used to retain the dentures or for transitional use.

Q: Can I do the procedure immediately after extraction?
A: Yes you can, the dentist needs to evaluate whether the site is suitable for an immediate implant.

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10 Responses to “Mini implants (dental)”

  • What is the differences between mini-implants and dental implants? I’ve been to a dentist doing mini-implants and he told me that mini-implants are the same if not better than normal implants because it isn’t a major surgery. Is this true?

  • The ability of an implant to take biting forces depends on its overall surface area. A short implant needs to be wide, a narrow implant needs to be long.

    Mini implants are simply implants that are narrower than the narrowest standard implant. Most are usually about 2-2.5mm in width. They are suitable for narrow ridges and the surgery is indeed faster and less invasive.

    However, without the width of standard implants, mini implants must make up for it in either length or numbers. Long implants have their limitations as vital structures may lie just beneath the surgical site. Some dentists may place 2 or more mini implants to replace a single tooth. Nobody is sure if this will be OK in the long run.

    In terms of cost savings, mini implants come with their abutments as an integral part of the fixture. This means that the dentist does not have to spend on an additional component. It also means that there is no margin for error. Mini implants are difficult to restore if they are placed at an angle.

    Another potential problem would be the aesthetics. Because these implants are much narrower than the neck of an upper front tooth, the dentist may not be able to make a very natural looking crown for the aesthetic zone. Mini implants are most suitable for lower front teeth.

  • Mini-implants are a fantastic concept when used suitably.
    Yet I have come across mini-implant placements on the patient’s back teeth where the biting force is the strongest. In that region, wider implants would have been more suitable.

    Just take our natural teeth as the benchmark, front teeth has 1 root as their function is for nipping and grasping which means that the biting pressure is not very great.

    Compare that to molars where God decided that their function is for the chewing, cutting, and grinding of food and that requires 3 roots due to the large amount of biting force it experiences.

    Using a mini-implant the size of a toothpick to replace 3 roots and bear that immense biting force is questionable in a logical stand point. Larger implants on the other hand have the capacity to support large biting forces.

    Saying that, I do want to qualify that we do not know the long-term success rate as they are relatively new.

    So mini-implants, can serve their unique function if put in the correct locations.

  • I want to do mini implant. Please recommend some dental surgeon near Bedok/simei/tampines

  • What is your criteria in looking for a dentist that does mini-implants?

    Cost? Experience? Value?

    And may I ask, why mini-implants compared to normal implants?

  • I have part denture front top and lower jaw and what will be the cost for mini implant.

    Please recommend good reliable dental surgeon.

    Thank you.

  • I would like to do mini-plants for myself.
    My upper jaw has full dentures and lower has
    partial dentures.

    Can I do the lower jaw first,

    Can u quote me for the full price for upper and lower.

    Thks n regard

  • Would like know the total cost of 4 teeth upper jaw for the implants. How much medisave can I use for the whole operation?



  • according to the Dr opinion,is it means mini implant is not suitable for upper incisor?

  • I would like to do a mini implant for one of my front tooth on the upper jaw. The gums for this front tooth is a bit swollen and the tooth is loose. Please advise your best possible costs and the duration for the implant. Thanks

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