Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Q: What is the cost of a root canal treatment?
A: Root canal treatment cost as follows:

  • Front tooth :1 canal: $600
  • Premolar: 2 canal $650 Molar: $700 - $800
  • Retreat cases: $100 - $200
  • Long-term medication: 1-3 months: $100 - $150

(see also Ministry of Health’s average cost for institutions:Anterior tooth, Pre-molar tooth, Molar tooth

Q: What is a root canal treatment?
A: Root canal treatment is to clean a decayed pulp.

Q: What are the causes of a root canal sensitivity?
A: It usually happen when the nerve is exposed and causes your tooth to be very sensitive to hot and cold. Usually you will feel a sharp pain and it will goes off quickly.

Q: How many visits do I need?
A: It will take 2 to 3 visits.

Q: What is the duration per visit?
A: It takes approximately 2 hour per visit.

Q: What is the procedure like?
A: First visit is the remove the decayed pulp and second visit is to insert a rubber pulp.

Q: Is it advisable to do crowning after root canal treatment?
A: It will be better due to tooth that had no nerve will be prone to breakable.

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4 Responses to “Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)”

  • hello, i just had a root canal treatment done. The surgeon did not put a crown on for me. It is the front adult tooth. Will it be prone to break? He just said he did some fillings. He charged me $495. After doing the treatment, the ‘heart beat’ sort of sensation is still there and he assured it will be ok in a few weeks. I do not know, but after that treatment, i feel as though another tooth is having that ‘heart beat’ sorta sensation. Is it just my own imagionation due to fear or what? Since the tooth that has the nerves taken out, still has that heart beats, i cant identify clearly.

  • I need to have root canal treatment and crowning for my dead molar. May I know when can I have the latest date for the treatment and how much will that cost ?

    Thanks and regards,

  • Hi!

    I had RCT done a few years back and now the color of the rubber pulp is getting darker and darker. May I know where I could get an internal bleeching for this tooth which had RCT? Your advice is appreciated!

    Thanks & Rgds,

  • i need to find the cheapest root canal treatment in Singapore

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