Braces (Orthodontics)

Impression study models that the orthodontists makes by making a mold of your teeth. This is done by adding a plasticine tray into your mouth and biting down. The mold hardens and becomes a template to form the actual model. This way the Orthodontist, studies your teeth and plans your treatment.

Q: How much does braces cost in Singapore?
A: It cost around SGD$4000 - SGD$4500 (see also Ministry of Health’s average cost for institutions)

Q: What method can I use to straighten my teeth?
A: We recommend wearing braces (orthodontic treatment).

Q: Does Singapore dentists carry Invisalign®? How is it compared to braces?
A: Yes, Singapore dentists do carry Invisalign®. Invisalign® is transparent brackets instead of metal braces that align your teeth when worn. It is removable unlike the metal braces that are bonded to your teeth. It also cost slightly more than normal braces

Q: How much would Invisalign® cost?
A: It would cost around SGD$5500 onwards depending on the amount of movement your teeth requires.

Q: How long do I need to wear braces?
A: It will depend on individual; majority of patients take two years to complete the treatment. Q: Does the Singapore dentist let me pay by installment? A: Yes, most dentist in Singapore would allow you to pay by installment. The first deposit would be half of the entire payment and subsequent visits would be SGD$100 - SGD$200. Q: What is the procedure for braces going to be like? A: 1st consultation: Take a study model of your teeth and do an X-Ray 2nd consultation: Put in the separators (give space for the band) 3rd (2 days later): Insert the molar bands 4th (2 weeks later): Insert the entire band Subsequent monthly visits: Tightening of the wires so that your teeth get to huddle together more and more

Q: Do I need to do an extraction before my orthodontic treatment?
A: The orthodontist will advise you whether there is a need to extract your tooth. If you need to do an extraction, the oral surgeon will be the one performing the extraction.

Q: How many types of braces materials are there?
A: There are two types; Ceramic and Metal. Ceramic braces are more popular with working adults as they have an almost natural tooth colored shade brackets that can blend into your natural teeth color. Metal braces are more popular with teens and kids as they can put real cool colored rubberbands on the brackets depending upon the mood of the month.

Q: Will my teeth have a relapse if I stop wearing retainer?
A: There is a high chance that it would relapse. But It also depends on your teeth’s current condition.

Q: What is the age recommended to wear braces?
A: The age recommended is 14 years and above.

Q: What is Invisalign®?
A: Invisalign® is the “clearer” way to straighten teeth without braces, using Aligners. Aligners are made of a clear, thin medical-grade polymer that is virtually invisible when worn. Thus the “invisible-aligners” called Invisalign®.

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88 Responses to “Braces (Orthodontics)”

  • Hi,
    I’ve had braces done before, with 4 teeth extracted, in addition i also have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted.However, my teeth still stick out alot (people still call me rabbit and stuff like that). Is there anyway to solve this? I was told surgery is probably what i’d have to do (break jaw etc.) How much would surgery and braces etc roughly cost?

  • can out a braces on ur teeth [the metal thing]
    and how much will it cost

  • Hi HeyHey,

    I’ve just gotten a referral letter from NHG and yes.. I have my doubts cleared … it’s confirmed that I’ve to extract the “slanted” wisdom tooth and the NDC dentist will advice me on the need to extract the other two hidden ones… *Ouch* I am starting to feel the pain for both my gum and wallet…

    Why is it so expensive and torturing to look good… :(

  • Hi, I went to NDC on March. They did an x-ray for me. But I found out later that the cost of braces is 3.8K to 4.8K there. It is really too expensive for me. So I am looking for any private clinic that charges below 4k for braces, preferably 3.8K and below. Does anyone know which clinic charges at this rate? Also, do you think it is possible for NDC to transfer the x-ray photo to the private clinic? I really need braces badly now and I am still a student. I really appreciate the help given. Thank you.

  • Hi, I did my braces 10yrs back and put on the retiners for 2 yrs. Then the retiner broke and I didn’t bother to fix it. 5 yrs later, my teeth starts to bulge out again… though it’s slight bulging out but i’m quite angry coz I spent so much and the teeth aint straight after few years.
    What should I do? Will I need to spend a bomb to straighten the teeth again?

  • Hi Yin, its quite a common situation you’ve got there. Many people think that after the uncomfortable 2 years of braces, all’s fine and dandy after and due to complacency, get in a rut where the hunting idea of putting on braces is pushed into the foreground.

    So Yin, I am assuming that your teeth were “perfect”(or almost) right after taking out your braces and now after 10 yrs of not putting retainers they have somewhat went back to their pre-braces state. So the only way to straighten teeth once again is…. you guessed it braces.

    The cost of braces would probably be the same as previously in addition to a decade of inflation. Yet again, you’ll need to see an orthodontist if you require the full on braces or any other forms of orthodontic treatment that may not cost so much.

  • *Ouch*

    Ya you’re right - but the teeth aint as bad as pre-braces state.

    Looks like I really need to go and visit an orthodontist. I looked through your list of Invisalign Dentist, but found none in North other than AngMoKio. I stay further up north. Is there any that you could recommend? THANKS!

  • How long can i eat after wearing braces? as i am addicted to fastfood, can i eat it after the pain is gone?

  • Hi,I wish to know the cost of putting on braces for my teeth which has gaps in between? My teeth are straight by the way. A friend of mine told me it’s cheaper than the normal 2 years braces and it takes a shorter time to put on the braces. Is it true? How much would it cost? Could you advise me on this. Thanks in advance.

  • I am doing braces at NDC and they don seems to do cleaning… should i go outside to get them clean? My teeth seems kinda dirty and i won want perfect aligned teeth but all decaying… haha.
    But i also donno which dentist to go to. any near Thomson/Bishan/AMK/ToaPayoh to recommend??? :D :D :D

  • Hi, i am a student. Im interested to put braces. And im just wondering if theres any like subsidy from the government or something?

  • Hi i am 17, and i think i really need braces, cause my friends always say i tink u look more handsome if u dont smile. Haiz i am depressed. But my family is not rich. And i dont want to delay anymore. Is there any good private clinic that charges cheaper??

  • It is mean that for polyclinic the wating period is 3years?!

  • Hi,
    only my upper teeth is not straight and i think my lower jaw is slightly outwards. When I bite, my upper jaw is not outwards like my other friends. Is there any way where I can ‘push’ in my lower jaw? And if I do braces, can I only do the upper teeth? If I can how much will it be?

  • I waited almost 4 years for my treating.. i started queuing since july 2005.. And i just started on doing my braces. Just extracted 2 teeth yesterday and i need to extract 2 more..!! in addition, my dentist told me that my wisdom teeth have to be extracted too..

    For charges, i think government (NDC, NUH) are still cheaper. For private clinic i’ve enquire its around 5k including extraction, xray, bla bla..

  • My upper teeth is crooked and some more it is yellow .
    my family income is not more then $1000 and the cost of braces is so expensive .
    sometimes , i ask my mother but instead i get a scolding .
    in my class , the boys labelled me as mute girl .
    if i want to wear braces on the upper teeth how much does it cost ?

  • hi.. my upper teeth the two front tooth is not straight.. it’s kinda come out.. and i feel shy about smiling when taking pictures at any occasion.. i’ve been wanting to put on braces or invisalign for my upper teeth.. Could you recommend me what type of braces suit me best..? thanks! =D

  • And ya.. do i need to extract my wisdom tooth too if i want to wear braces?

  • Hello. i am interested in using braces. But can the payment be made by CPF? and if yes, how many percent of the price can we pay using CPF?

  • Now I am more prepared to have my braces on and I am more excited.Thanks for this post, almost all of my questions were answered.

  • Qn1) Hi,! (Zorom) wish to know the cost of putting on braces for my teeth which has gaps in between? My teeth are straight by the way. Is it cheaper than the normal 2 years braces and it takes a shorter time to put on the braces. How much would it cost or any recommendation on where to get it done? I’m looking for a cheaper rate. Could you advise me on whether we can use medisave to pay for the bill?

    Qn 2) Hi..I(Angella)upper front tooth teeth is not straight.. it’s kinda come out,i’ve been wanting to put on braces. Could you recommend me what type of braces suit me best and where could I get it done at a cheaper rate?

  • I did my braces at Aline Dental, Adelphi, City Hall. The cost is about 3.6K and I extracted 4 teeth. Whether you have to remove your wisdom tooth depends on whether there is enough space in your mouth. Sometimes dentists may also recommend extraction of wisdom tooth for reasons like slanting.

    Most the prices come in a package so no matter how long or short the treatment the cost is about the same. My friend only did his upper row of teeth cos the lower jaw was straight. oh and his cost is halved.

    I believe we can’t use CPF as medisave can only be used for either surgery or implants.

    And Mira, if you do not have enough money now then perhaps can wait a few more years when you start to work? I know it’s difficult cos i was in a similar situation but we get past it. I got my braces at like 23 or 24 so although we may feel a little unhappy about the state of our teeth but we’ll get past it =)

  • Hi,
    i just went to the dentist yesterday for braces consultation and he told me all 4 wisdom teeth need to be extracted (2 below need surgery, 2 on top normal extraction)… And the price for doing the braces is quite cheap to me… Total $4370 include everything (retainer, x-ray, mould, tooth extraction) Is it abit cheap?
    One most important thing i want to ask.. The dentist told me he will be doing all above by himself.. Wisdom tooth extraction, braces… Can i trust him? I thought a specialist is needed instead? Mine is a private dental located at Yishun area.. Thanks…

  • Invisalign®

    Where did you get it done at 5500?
    im quoted 8500 right now..

  • Hello, I’m 24 this year. I’m very interested in putting braces (Ceramic) and wish to know how much would it cost? (roughly)

    My upper teeth is crooked, lower I guess it’s fine. Is it true that it’s more expensive to have my braces done at Mount E?

  • hi, chloe, how is the airline dental centre?.. like is it good?. i am goining for an consultation session first. N how long did it take you to complete?.. Do u know any other places where it is around the same rate as airline or even cheaper?.

  • I’ll be 31 this June. I’ve had crooked bottom teeth(only the front part) after I got my adult teeth. They’re practically 2 layers of teeth, making it hard for me to chew & brush teeth. WHen food gets stuck, I need to spend lots of tongue strength to “suck” it out. My bottom teeth gets stained very easily too. I only intend to put braces on my lower teeth. Charges cheaper then both upper & lower teeth?

  • Does the government offer braces at cheaper rates?

    My family is poor to get me braces.
    & im afraid that even the government offer it at a cheaper rates,
    i may not have the money for it too.
    but my teeth is in quite horrible condition.
    & i really hope that there’s a way to get it done.

    but my dad just dont feel the need of me to get a braces
    as he simply has no money to entertain me.

  • I am deeply interested in putting on braces and would like to enquire more on the types of braces, duration for putting on the braces and the cost of treatment for different types of braces which is suitable according to my preference and budget.

    As I am still a student, is there any discount given or maybe payment by instalments..?? Or maybe could I use my parents medisave..??
    Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • @ Hanz :

    I will be extracting 4 of my normal teeth on 26 Feb and the dentist will be putting the seperater for me on that day too.. For my rate, extraction per tooth is $80.. Mould $50, 2 x-ray $100.. Then i will be having the seperater on for a week, 5 mar will be putting on braces(metal).. Need to pay a downpayment of $1200 (from what i know, other dental required at least $1500 for down payment), then subsequently every month when i go for the adjustment i will have to pay $120 (other dental $100).. My dentist say i will wear for 18 months but still got to depend on my condition whether my teeth shift fast or not.. Then after i remove the braces, i will need to wear the retainer ($400)..

    Does my info above help u?

  • Hi Hanz, there are different types of braces like ceramic ones & metal ones. Metal ones are those that you see normally with coloured rubber bands. For ceramic ones, the colour is closer to the natural tooth colour so it’s not that obvious :) There are also ” invisible ” ones, which means it’s being put at the back of your teeth. Of course, it costs more!

    Duration is about 2-3 years, depending on your condition. Most dental clinics would allow you to pay via installments but most of the time you have to pay an upfront deposit of around $1000.

    Hope this helps! :)

  • My 9 year old daughter broke her adult front tooth in a school accident and it had to be extracted. She’s now left with a gap in front and she’s feeling miserable and self-conscious. She’s being teased by her friends too. Was advised that there are two solutions - implant or braces. Was told that implant was not practical for her age. She has a bad overbite and will need braces sooner or later as she’s constantly biting her lower lips arising in ulcers all the time. If she has an inplant now, she would need to redo the implant after the braces. Too traumatising and costly in the long run.

    I’m wondering if the NDC does braces for such cases if I can get a referral from the School Dental Clinic.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Daphne, your prices of $4370 (include all those ) is very cheap i went to a private clinic at Yishun the Braces cost is 4K already not including anything. May i know which clinic u went ?

  • I want to know is there any government subsidies for students who wants to wear braces with financial difficulties?
    And is it possible to just wear retainers if your teeth is straight but a little bit pushed out?

  • I had braces done in 2007, took it out on Jan 09′. Now my teeth is back to normal. Gaps are showing from my tooth extraction and I am required to fixed braces again. I am re-doing my braces at Ubi Dental now.. Cost is way cheaper than my first time. Now I’m paying 2.5k instead of my 5K. That’s a vast different. Nonetheless, both services is good. I was given the choice of Invaslign at 5.5k, but I chose metal braces instead.

  • Hi, I had a tooth extractions like 10 years ago and this causes the other teeth to move thus creating a big gap between my other teeth. Is there any ways to fill in the gap in between the teeth? ( The gap is quite big approx.0.5cm).

    Thank you.

  • can i use braces and play by installments?

  • Hi,

    Is General Anaesthesia available for adults’ extraction of teeth before putting braces? If yes, what is the estimated cost and where?

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